Thread: mingw / undefined references

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    mingw / undefined references


    in my c++ project I'm using a c-library. That worked fine.
    Now I changed the build of that c-library from a dynamic to a static one. If I want to link to get my executable, Mingw emits such a message for every function I'm using:

    ../../src/entity/EntityManager.cpp:453: undefined reference to `_imp__RM_init'
    Under linux/gcc it works. And the static library is mentioned on the linker command line. Maybe it's some name-mangeling problem? What could I try to get over it?

    Thank you in advance!

    edit: if I search the .o file I only see RM_init but not _imp__RM_init
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    Make sure the function decl.'s don't still have the "dllexport" attribute on them.


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    thank you, that was the problem.

    but I can't really change this, the library is not under my control. So I guess a have to stick to dynamic linking :/

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