Thread: How to merge to list to another one?

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    How to merge to list to another one?

    Read from two file,each file has a list of integers.You must merge them in to a new file(list),and
    sort them from smallest to largest.
    I think I need to read these two lists into two arrays from file first,then sort these two lists and write them to the new file!But the problem is after I sort them,How could I merge two arrays to a new one and make it in order?Please give me some hints!Thanks!

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    Create a third array and copy items to it one at a time from whichever list has the smallest item. Does that help?
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    so you mean each time read in to the two lists one number for each list,then compare this two number and write the smaller one to the third array,but how about the lager one?compare it to the next two numbers?

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    I have a crazy idea:Can I add two streams?I mean like stream3=stream1+stream2;so I merge them into a same stream,then sort.

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    No. You can of course read all integers into a single array and sort that, which is pretty much what you want anyway. The other option is to read them into two arrays and sort each, then use the merge algorithm to create a single, sorted array from that. This may be the faster option, perhaps.

    To learn about the merge algorithm, seach for "merge sort". Descriptions of this sorting method should describe it.
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