Thread: Is this a good book to get?

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    Is this a good book to get?

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    No, it's a terrible book because the guy doesn't know C++.

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    C++ Book Recommendations

    My take. That is, it is a recommended book; but there may be others recommended first (depending on your level of experience).
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    I like C++ Primer Plus. It seems to follow the standard more than other books I've read. Plus its cheap.

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    The C++ Programming Language by Stroustrup is the book to get if you have a separate intro to C++ book or are already familiar with the language, and if you are serious about learning the language. He created the language in the first place.

    >> I like C++ Primer Plus. It seems to follow the standard more than other books I've read. Plus its cheap.

    Actually, I would not recommend this book because it does not teach modern, standard C++. It teaches C style strings and arrays, when new C++ programmers should be learning the C++ string and vector classes.

    Besides, the most recommended book, Accelerated C++, is the same price.

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    To learn C++ from Stroustups book is like learning Law by reading the "Lawbook". The Stroustrup book is a reference, not particularly educational, but if you are in doubt of how something is defined in the language, then the Stroustrup book is a good reference.

    The same applies to K&R for 'C'.


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    I also recommend the Deitel series of books... they also have a brand new sixth edition which introduces game programming which is a first in their series...

    I used the fourth edition in college and it was really good. Great for beginners and possibly intermidiate programmers
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    Re: Stroustrup 3rd Edition..

    Why not pick the Special Edition instead..? (Which I believe was updated since the 3rd edition, and has a nice hardback cover)

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