Thread: confused with cin.getline()

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    confused with cin.getline()

    I have made a if statement, and I know that it is carried through because the first cout in it is executed, and one I put at end to test.
    using namespace std;    //namespace std
    int i;
    string line;            //initiate a string
    vector<string> names;
    int main ()
            char string[256];
            std::string user_input;
            cout<< "Enter one to add name, or zero to continue: ";
            cin>> i;
            if (i == 1)
                    cout<< "please enter name: \n";
                    cin.getline(string, 256);
                    user_input = string;
                    ofstream people ("example.txt", ios::app);     //open file
                    people<< "\n" << user_input;       //write names
                    people.close();          //close file, so it can be opened in read mode
                    i = 0;
                    cout<< "test"   // comes throuch
                    cin >> i;         /// executes.

    Whats wrong with the program?

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    You have not tested the file (error checking) to make sure it is opened successfully. You also need to logical-or (|) the ios::app with ios::out I believe.

    There is also a string version of the getline function that you could use instead of what you're using:
    The explicit close of the people ofstream object isn't necessary but isn't hurting anything.

    Beyond that what are you expecting to happen with the code?
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    Yeah that doesn't exactly explain what error you get or what are you getting that you didn't expect?

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    the string variable conflicts with std::string.
    #include <iostream>
    #include <fstream>
    #include <string>
    #include <vector>
    the line you get in with getline is an empty string from the end of the line after you entered in the integer.
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    You should open the file directly, then check if the file was opened. Here is an example from one of my projects.

        ifstream file;
        cout<<"Enter file name: ";
           file >> x[n] >> y[n];
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    >> You also need to logical-or (|) the ios::app with ios::out I believe.
    For an ofstream, ios::out is automatic.

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