Thread: how to get an image from a website

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    how to get an image from a website

    Ok, im still fairly new to internet programming. I was wondering, what would be the best way to grab an image from a website. Ive tried using a get, but when I get the response and take and try to use the body from the response, well... Im not doing it right, I know that much. It is distorted though at least its still recognized as a jpg file. Anyways, any help would be great. I just don't know of another good alternative, but like I said im still new to c++ internet programming.

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    Different file type, but the method is the same.

    Did you open the output file in binary mode?
    If you didn't, windows will likely perform end of line translation, inserting a byte here or there, thus messing up the result.
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    OMG, i can't believe i forgot about binary... I shoulda know that and done that in the first place, and that fixed it... lol. Thanks so much!

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