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    enum question


    I have a namespace and an enum in it:

    nmamespace dem
    enum User_types
    	EntityManagerStatus = 1000,
    	MissionDescription = 1010,
    	GeneralEntityData = 1020,
    	ImCmdQueue = 1030
    Basically that are ID's describing classes. I need that while serializing object data to push it over network to indicate the types.
    That classes are loaded from dll's.
    Now that I want to do is to expand that enum dynamically while loading an new dll.
    I guess that's not possible, isn't it?
    How would you work around that, so you still got such global identifiers which could expanded dynamically?

    Thanks for your ideas!
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    Unfortunately not, since enums are determined at compile time. I would store the values in a map instead. something like this perhaps -

        std::map< std::string, int > User_types;
        User_types.insert( std::make_pair< std::string, int >( "EntityManagerStatus", 1000 ) );
        User_types.insert( std::make_pair< std::string, int >( "MissionDescription", 1010 ) );
        User_types.insert( std::make_pair< std::string, int >( "GeneralEntityData", 1020 ) );

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    Sounds reasonable so far.
    assuming I need both a) int->string as well as b) string->int.
    For the above map a) O(n) and b) has O(log n).

    other options that come to my mind are 2 separate maps, so a) and b) have O(log n) but the expense to attend 2 containers and hold them in a consistence state.
    Or a vector<string> that would get me O(1) for a) and O(n) for b)

    Are there other options?

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