Thread: comprehending arrays.

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    >> Except now it seems like the amount is twice as long.
    The amount doesn't always matter, often one little typo will cause lots of errors. For example, the missing std:: caused all 9 of your earlier errors.

    Your new problem is your calls to insert aren't correct. There is a simple solution:
    menu[str] = 1.95;
    If you want to actually use insert, then you need to make a pair object that holds the two values (because a map actually holds key/value pairs). One way to do that is to use make_pair like this:
    menu.insert(std::make_pair(str, 1.95));
    However, I'd suggest sticking with the notation in the first example I gave for now, since it is slightly more intuitive.

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    Uh, you've overstepped your array bounds by one. Simple error I noticed from the start.

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