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    Visual Studio quick code

    I'm programming Visual Studio. Do you know there is a plug-in that I could write a quick test code to verify things instead of putting a debug message in a large project?
    For example:
    I want to get sizeof(int)

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    No idea what you're asking for. If you want to find the size of an int, then why not use sizeof(int)? What are you trying to do?

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    I mean, for example you are in a large project. You dont' want to put a small snippet codes (utilities) to test there (Ex: find maximum of 2 numbers) to see if it works flawlessly before you use it. Instead, you realize creating a new project in Visual Studio to test back and forth is much better. However, creating a new project requires to go many steps, so I wonder there is any plugin that I just put a code there, it will output something.

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    i understand what your asking. since every C++ program starts with main, why not just put your test code at the very beginning of main and after your few test lines of code have 'return 0' to finish?

    sorry dont know of any plugin and im sure youve probably already thought of this.

    i think i vaguely recall seeing a feature like this when i was on slackware running KDE which came with a KDE-based IDE--not positive though.

    edit: i think it was KDevelop. im sure you wouldnt change OS's just for a feature like this, hopefully there exists something thatll work for your situation now.
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    I keep around a console project that I put my test code in. I just have to remember to put code I want to keep in a new project. Otherwise, I erase all the contents every time I want to test something else.

    I'm sure you can create templates for VS as well, if you want to have a skeleton project (e.g. for setting up an OpenGL Window or something like that)
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    That's the standard practice, I think: "Stick it in some hodgepodge console laboratory."
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