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    .NET 2003 IDE Question

    I need to execute a batch file after I build a lib to copy the lib to a different directory.
    Right now I build, then use windows explorer to run the batch file and copy the lib to where I need it. Is there a place in the .NET 2003 IDE where I can indicate that this batch file should run after the lib is finished building?

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    Go to your Project Properties, click on the Build Events folder on the left, then select Post-Build Event. Enter the appropriate command line and it should run that at the end of your build.

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    In my vs2005 projects at work I just adjust the build path for the assembly I create.... Can't you just do that? It's in the properties in the project somewhere... I can find the exact location if you can't find it.

    It has been a while since I used vs2003 but I'm sure it's the same. If not forgive me, but I'll go run 2003 and check in a bit...
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    Thanks all, that worked.

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