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    iostream overloaded operators

    hi have had a look and searched but i couldnt find anything on iostream overloaded operators

    so i was wondering if anyone on here could explain what this actually is?


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    The stream operators are designed from the get go to operate on the built in types: int, char, float, etc... For example:

    int foo;
    cin >> foo;  // Read from cin stream into an integer
    float bar = 12.9f;
    cout << bar; // Write to cout stream converting from a float
    Overloading these operators allows you to extend this capability to user defined types (custom class/struct objects).

    #include <string>
    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    struct person
        string first_name;
        string last_name;
        int age;
        person() {}
        person(const string& fname, const string& lname, int yrs) : first_name(fname), last_name(lname), age(yrs) {}
    // Overloaded stream extraction operator
    istream& operator>>(istream& is, person& per)
        return is >> per.first_name >> per.last_name >> per.age;
    // Overloaded stream insertion operator
    ostream& operator<<(ostream& os, const person& per)
        return os << "First Name: " << per.first_name << "\nLast Name : " << per.last_name
                  << "\nAge       : " << per.age;
    int main()
        person h_simpson("Homer","Simpson",40);
        //Output to cout using overloaded stream insertion operator<< for custom object of type person
        cout << h_simpson << endl;
        person temp;
        // Read from cin using overloaded stream extraction operator>> for custom object of type person
        cin >> temp;
        cout << temp << endl;
        return 0;
    Example I/O:
    First Name: Homer
    Last Name : Simpson
    Age       : 40
    Marge Simpson 38
    First Name: Marge
    Last Name : Simpson
    Age       : 38
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