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    Lightbulb forcing signed into unsigned

    Why isn't this working...?

    Yes, I am trying to force signed into unsigned.
    By dereferencing the LHS I hope to accomplish the conversion.
    It's the segmentation fault that concerns me.
    I'm curious to know what bounds of programming I've exceeded?
    Thanks in advance...Dave++

    unsigned long* scalerData[COUNTERS];
    long Data;
    call function(){
     for(int i=0; i<COUNTERS; i++){
        this->Read32Counter(i, &Data);  // Read32Counter(int, long*)
        *this->scalerData[i] = Data;       // *this->... causes segmentation fault                           
        // this->scalerData[i] = &Data;   // error: pointers of non-equal type

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    It might be better to declare scalarData like this:
    unsigned long scalerData[COUNTERS];
    And then you can do:
        scalerData[i] = Data;

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    Apparently, you don't have access to *scalarData[...]

    Do those pointers lead to locally-allocated memory?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave++ View Post
    *this->scalerData[i] = Data;       // *this->... causes segmentation fault
    This line seems odd. Are you sure you need that star? Without seeing details of the types involved, there's no way to tell. Do you get any warnings anywhere?

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