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    Probably a simple question

    I am new and have been working my way through the tutorials and am now officially annoyed. I have started experimenting with classes and seeing how I can work them into a linked list style of operation. My code is here:

    class Database
       // public variables
       char employee_name [50];  // employee name
       int id_number;               // identification number
       int group_number;            // group number
       Database ();                 // constructor definition
       ~Database ();                // destructor definition
       Database *next;              // pointer to the next entry
     // function to add a new employee
      void add_new_user();
       char supervisor [50];        // name of supervisor
       int ranking;                 // ranking within group
       float salary;                // employee's salary
       void getsupervisor (char *super, int group);
       // determine the employee rank
       int getrank (int id, int group);    
       // determine the salary
       float getsalary (int rank, int group);
    void Database::add_new_user( )
          char name [50];
          int group;
          int id;
          cout << "Enter the employee's name ";
          cin.getline (name, 50, '\n');
          cout << "Enter the employee's group ";
          cin >> group;
          cin.ignore();                 // ignore enter
          cout << "Enter the employee's ID number ";
          cin >> id;
          strncpy(employee_name, name, 50);
          group_number = group;
          id_number = id;
          ranking = getrank(id, group);
          salary = getsalary(ranking, group);
          getsupervisor(supervisor, group);
    int main ()
        Database *root;     // delcare a pointer to a root database
        Database *employee;  // declare a pointer to the employee database
        employee = root;                    // set the employee                             
        char entry;                         // entry selection
        while (entry != 'e')
          cout << "(a)dd new employee \n";
          cout << "(p)rint all employees \n";
          cout << "(e)xit \n";
          cin >> entry;
          // switch statement for entry
          switch (entry)
             case 'a' :
               employee -> next = new Database; // create a new database
               employee = employee -> next;     // set pointer to new employee
             case 'p' :
               employee = root;
               while (employee != NULL)
                 cout << "Name: " << employee -> employee_name << "\n";
                 cout << "Group: " << employee -> group_number << "\n";
                 cout << "ID number " << employee -> id_number << "\n";
                 employee = employee -> next;
               cout << "Name: " << employee -> employee_name << endl;
               cout << "Group: " << employee -> group_number << endl;
               cout << "ID number " << employee -> id_number << endl;
            case 'e' :
               cout << "Ending" << endl;
    When I get to employee.add_new_user, I get this error:

    "141 C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\dbase_exp.cpp `add_new_user' has not been declared" and I can't understand why. Could somebody enlighten me?



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    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;

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        Database *root;     // delcare a pointer to a root database
        Database *employee;  // declare a pointer to the employee database
        employee = root;
    This is quite analogous to simpler code:
        int a, b; 
        a = b;
    a and b would be equal but still containing a garbage value. This is the same that happens in your code, you have invalid pointers that don't point to anything meaningful.

    A very serious design problem is that you are reinventing a linked list, and exposing the mechanism of it to the users of the class (for example, the next pointer which is the "easiest-to-mess-up" thing in this code and should be encapsulated most carefully, is made public!). You are leaving the hardest stuff - managing the linked list - up to the user of Database.

    If you are just learning classes, may-be you ought to start with something easier (e.g forget about your own linked list, and use std::list) and concentrate on good practices of class design (e.g data hiding) instead.
    I might be wrong.

    Thank you, anon. You sure know how to recognize different types of trees from quite a long way away.
    Quoted more than 1000 times (I hope).

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