Thread: writing unsigned chars...

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    writing unsigned chars...

    i have a file im supposed to xor decrypt but for a different part i must read and write the files using unsigned char* unfortunately the and myfile.write reject my unsigned char* buffer array...
    anyone know how to read and write files using unsigned chars, cause i couldnt find a thing...
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    My suggestion would be to look up type casting.
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    if i type cast the functions, it doesnt read or write them as unsigned char* witch changes some of the values becase they are over the limit of char

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    No, I doubt that very much - a signed char or a unsigned char looks the same in a file (or in computer memory) - it's only that a signed value uses the most significant bit as a sign, so if you have the value (unsigned)128, it is -128 signed, likewise unsigned 255 is -1. But they have exact same content either way.

    I very much doubt that read / write are doing any "interpretation" of the data, so you should be able to just cast the data-type that you read/write so that it matches the read/write function.


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    thanks i found out another part of my code was causing it someone said check against null but i needed to still xor even if it was null

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