Thread: for loop problem What's Wrong???

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    for loop problem What's Wrong???

    So the first half of my code to find the average works:
    int main()
    	const int SIZE = 5; //max array size
    	double x[SIZE] = {1,5,6,8,10};
    	int num_points = 0; //array index
    	double sum = 0;
    	double avg;
    	for(int i=0;i<SIZE;i++) //for loop to find the sum of array
    	sum = sum + x[num_points];
    	avg = sum/SIZE;
    	cout<<"the average of the values in the array is:"<<endl;
    but the second half to see if each value in the array is >= or < the average does not work...
    can anyone tell me why?:
    //for loop to find if each value is >= or < the array avg.
    	for(int k=0;k<SIZE;k++)
    		cout<<setw(5)<<x[k]<<" is less than the average"<<endl;
    		cout<<setw(5)<<x[k]<<" is greater than or equal to the average"<<endl;
    	return 0;

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    I havent seen the "setw()" function yet so I dident know what header to include. I took it out and ran the prog which seemed to work fine for me ??? The rest of the code seems correct too.

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    setw() is in the header file iomanip
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    Can't see anything wrong in there. Do you do anything in between ? And what exactly "does not work" ?
    (It's time you post your whole code)
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    Thanks for your help guys...
    I for got to add the #include<iomanip> - duh!

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    Stick to the C++ section. This is C++ code, not C.

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    Agreed - moved.
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