Thread: Warning on an ifndef directive

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    Warning on an ifndef directive

    My code is actually compiling and running fine, but I am getting 1 warning which I would like to eliminate (I like to see 0 errors and 0 warnings instead of 0 errors and 1 warning )

    Here is the code:
    #ifndef sqr(x)
    #define sqr(x)		x*x
    The warning is stated thus:
    inc/path.h:32:12: warning: extra tokens at end of #ifndef directive
    I assume this has to do with the parser finding some extra tokens after the first line (the #ifndef line), but before the second line (the #define line).

    Anyone know what's up here?
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    >#ifndef sqr(x)
    I'm no expert on the preprocessor, but I think you can just write:
    #ifndef sqr
    My compiler actually didn't give a warning with either version, so I'm not sure which is more correct.

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    #ifndef sqr
    is all it should say.
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