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    Pointer addess...

    If i have a pointer that points to "0012FF53" then i want to increment that pointer to view "0012FF63" for example, would have have to declare another variable and get my pointer to point to the new variable? or is there a way to increment a pointer? and would the OS (xp) allow me to view that memory?

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    pointer arithmetic allows you to increment a pointer by a certain integer/hex value but unless the pointer lies within a boundary of memory that you have already allocated you could end up trying to access memory that you aren't supposed to. It can do nothing, or it can cause an access violation message.

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    The pointer type is important. Incrementing an int pointer will have different results from incrementing a char pointer, for example (in most cases).

    #include <stdio.h>
    int main(void)
       int object;
       int *iptr = &object;
       char *cptr = (char*)&object;
       printf("iptr = %p, cptr = %p\n", (void*)iptr, (void*)cptr);
       printf("iptr = %p, cptr = %p\n", (void*)iptr, (void*)cptr);
       iptr += 10;
       cptr += 10;
       printf("iptr = %p, cptr = %p\n", (void*)iptr, (void*)cptr);
       return 0;
    /* my output
    iptr = 0022FF74, cptr = 0022FF74
    iptr = 0022FF78, cptr = 0022FF75
    iptr = 0022FFA0, cptr = 0022FF7F
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