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    Can someone please tell me if there is a way to deploy c++ apps. (small apps < 1000 lines of code) and if there is a way could you please explain how to use it

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    What do you mean by "deploy" - in my vocabulary, that means the same as "distribute to a number of machines". In which case, the fact that the app is written in C++ has very little to do with it - at least I think so - but you may want to make sure that you understand what dependencies the application has (such as .so [unix/linux] or .dll [Windows] files that it needs to work correctly), and how you can distribute to, or ensure that those are on, the target machine.


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    Exclamation I want to put in a format

    I want to make it so the exe file is able to be opened on any machine running xp. Currently when I try to run the exe on another machine it says that the side by side configuration is incorrect.


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    Are you using standard C++, or something .NET related? If you're using VC++, it can sometimes be tricky to build without .NET dependencies even if you don't need them. Are you using VC++ 2005 (8.0)? Not all machines have the dlls for version 8.0, so you either have to link to the runtime library statically or distribute the dll with your exe.

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