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    Big 2D array

    I asked this question in the C board but I was wondering if this could work in C++.
    The C board said I might be pooched. (my program is actually in c++ but mostly written in C... it wasnt my choice). Sorry for posting 2 times. I also suppose my declaration would be different, but is this possible to do?
    ************************************************** *

    I need to make a 1x128,000,000 element array (it looks like)

    but i cant seem to declare 128,000,000 elements my C program seems to crash As soon as I try. Not my computer just the c++ program

    Here is the declaring line of code (i dont have code for this array any where else yet.)

    int TransposeData[1][128];
    I do get this error when I compile but i ignored it

    C:\...cpp(256) : warning C4101: 'TransposeData' : unreferenced local variable
    can i use an array this big?

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    Asking the question more than once is stupid, and a violation of the rules.

    As I said before, if you need that much memory for a simple project, you've probably messed up on the project design.

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    I agree with MacGyver on both accounts.

    But to answer the specific question: No there's no real difference between large arrays in C or C++. I also gave some comments in the other thread, and these also apply here.

    Now that's cleared up, maybe some moderator can lock this thread.


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    i didnt know it would be that similar.

    i tried to use malloc it works ok with a 128,000,000x1 array
    but im not sure how to do a 2D array with malloc
    here is the code i used to make a 128000000x1 array (i'm not actually using int that was just for testing)

    Data[0] = (U16 *) malloc(( NumberofElements)*sizeof(U16));
    im trying to find malloc for 2D array on google.

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