Thread: What am I doing rong with my program !!!

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    Exclamation What am I doing rong with my program !!!

    I wrte a simple program and whin I run it I doesn't stay up long enugh to see the results. Here is my small program. "What's wrong."

    // Conversion - convert temperature from Celsius
    // degree units into Fahrenheit degree
    // units:
    // Fahrenheit = Celsius * (212 - 32)/100 + 32
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <iostream.h>
    int main(int nNumberofArgs, char* pszArgs[])
    // enter the temperature in Celsius
    int nCelsius;
    cout << "Enter the temperature in Celsius:";
    cin >> nCelsius;

    // calculate conversion factor for Celsius
    // to Fahrenheit
    int nFactor;
    nFactor = 212 - 32;

    // use conversion factor to convert Celsius
    // into Fahrenheit values
    int nFahrenheit;
    nFahrenheit = nFactor * nCelsius/100 + 32;

    // output the results
    cout << "Fahrenheit value is:";
    cout << nFahrenheit;

    return 0;

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    i just compiled your program an it works fine.....

    the reason why the program doesn't "stay" long enough b/c you are writing a console program under windows... if you would to run this program in MS-Dos it would be different...

    if you want to stay in windows here's how to fix it....

    - on the top ... where your include statements are put...

    #include <stdlib.h>

    and on the bottom .... right before the "return 0" statment put...


    what this will do is.... as you to press any key to continue (hold the programs execution) the reason why you put this before your last return statment is b/c the "return" stament will end the "main" function and terminate the program...

    hope this helps....


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    hmm?? I thought that the function system(...) required <process.h>?????

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    > required <process.h>?????


    An alternative would be to include getch() at the end (also in stdlib.)

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    govtcheez is right, getch() is better - try to avoid system calls if you can. The code you want is

    int wait1 = getch();
    return 0;

    this will wait for a keypress before the program exits
    you nee to include conio.h for this
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