Thread: invoking C# function from C++

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    invoking C# function from C++

    Hello everyone,

    I have developed a COM component using C++. And I need to invoke some functions in another DLL which is implemented in C#. I am wondering whether there are any tutorials or samples of how to do this correctly and safely?

    I have this question because I noticed that the data types in C++ and C# are not the same -- how to make them compatible? This is the most of my concern.

    thanks in advance,

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    The easiest way without a doubt would be to use C++/CLI and just call the functions.

    If that's not an option, you must compile the C# DLL with COM interop enabled, so that the C# classes are exposed as COM objects. You can then use COM or ActiveX calls into the DLL, which is far less convenient. But you might be able to use VC++'s COM importer to make it easier.
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