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    Question system() function using

    hello ..
    i m new at c++ programming. i have a problem about system() using.
    you know system( ) function lets us to use dos commands.
    and i have to use it like


    my problem starts here. i want to use commands with variable.

    for ex :
    char folder[10] ;
    cout<<"which folder"<<endl; // for ex i typed " photos " ;
    system("dir folder[10]") // here is my problem.
    i can not use system function with variable. i want to use that function to effect the folder i choose. but system function does what is written between quotation marks. So it's looking for the folder named "folder[10]" . i want it to effect the photos folder.
    so here are my questions ;

    how can i use system function with variable ?
    or is there anyway to use dos commands for the variables (folders) i choose ?
    or is there any other way to do this ?

    i m newbie.. i will be glad if someone can help, any help would be appreciated.
    Thanx in advance.
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    1. stop using C-strings, use std::string
    2. do not use >> to read input - it stops on spaces, so you cannot read folder name with spaces inside - use getline
    3. use stringstream to generate result
    std::stringstream ss;
    ss<< "dir " << folder;
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    Well, you can use sprintf/snprintf/strings/stringstreams to accomplish this.

    Using strings:
    string command = "dir ";
    string folder;
    cout << "which folder" << endl;
    cin >> folder;  // Type in "photos"
    command += folder;  // Now command contains "dir photos"
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