Thread: Please help me with parsing numbers form a file

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    Please help me with parsing numbers form a file


    I am doing my assignment, I need to parse the coefficient and exponent of each term from the polynomials in a file.

    A polynomial in the input file will end with a semicolon ;. In the following example there are 4 polynomials:

    I am not allowed to use string to read the input, and I have to get them on the fly when I read the file.

    Here is my attempt, but get bad results.......
        ifstream file;"1160_term_project_data.txt");
        int coef;
        int power;
        char ch;
            coef = 0;
            power = 0;
                file >> coef;
            ch = file.get();
            if(ch == '-' && isdigit(file.peek()))
                file >> coef;
                coef *= -1;
                ch = file.get();
            if(ch == '+' && file.peek() == 'x')
                coef = 1;
            else if(ch == '-' && file.peek() == 'x')
                coef = -1;
            else if(ch == 'x')
                    if (coef == 0)
                        coef = 1;
                    if(file.peek() == '^')
                        ch = file.get();
                        file >> power;
                        power = 1;
            if(coef != 0)
                cout << "Coefficient: " << coef << " Power: " << power << endl;
    I already tried .get(), .unget(), .peek() in the fstrem library, but still can't get what I want.

    Am I on the right track, or is there any other ways to do it? Thx.

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    Assuming you don't need to check for data validity and are always presented with a well-formed file, you can iterate through ";" characters and extract exponents by reading the character after "^" and coefficients by reading every character between the last exponent and the next "^".

    Or so I seem to think from a diagonal reading of your post.
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    You should use boost spirit.

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