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    Quote Originally Posted by gunghomiller View Post
    I changed it to

    and it displays "The number of times John was used is:0" three times. Which it used three times however i dont want the sentence to be displayed three times i want the number three to be displayed. I appreciate all the help immensly gents but the terms I do not know all of them.
    So you need two changes. Firstly, somewhere you want to change the value of 'J' .
    Secondly, you need to put your cout<< statement somewhere that it only prints once.

    Have a look at the structure of the program, based on what you know about your output..

       //Everything up here is executed once
    while (position != string::npos)
            //Everything between these curly braces is executed per each occurrance of "John"
    	position = quote.find("John", position +1);
    	cout << "The number of times John was used is: " << j;
       //Everything down here is executed once

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    Hey I got it I just used an if statement and then put a counter in there! Gosh I feel like dumb!

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