Thread: problems with string finding a char in da middleinitial!!

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    problems with string finding a char in da middleinitial!!

    hi everybody!!
    iam taking this class c++ in summer and is really giving me a lot of problems
    here is tha hw question
    write a program that reads a person's name int he folowing formaty:first name , then middle name or initial, and then last name. , ur program should work the same and place a period after the middle initial even if the input did not contais a period. your program shold allow for users who give no middle name. inthat case the output, of course, contains no middle name or one with string and the other one with c-strings.
    and this is what i have so far
    #include <iostream>
    #include <string>
    using namespace std;
    int main()
      // Variable declarations
      string first,second,third,record_name;
       // strings read in
      int ch;                     // character in input after second string
      char middleInitial;
      // Get the first two strings read in (first and middle names or
      // first and last names)
      cout << endl;
      cout << "Please enter a Full name : ";
      cin>> first >> second >> third;
     record_name = third +"," + first + " " + second[0] + ".";
     cout << record_name <<endl;
    char letter;
    cout <<"enter letter";
    cin >> letter;
      return 0;
    program compiles ok when there is a name , last and initial but when there is no middle initial, doesn't , how can i get the second string to do this, sould i use the function substr or the function find with a if statement??
    really confused now.....hehe any input will be apreciated!!

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    The program should compile regardless of input.
    Anyway, if a user enters:
    David Goffredo
    and then pushes enter, the calls to cin.operator>>() will get the first two and then wait for the third. So, you need a way to figure out first how many words you're dealing with.

    So read it all in first.
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    read all them first?

    i am not sure how to do that, sorry i feel like this should be easy to what it seems like,mmmm the only thing i can think is probably count the '\n'??? to see how many words are entered?? something like if there is just one '\n' treat it as a name and last and if there is two '\n' treat it as a name middleinitial and last??

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    You can read an entire line of input using the getline function
      string full_name;
      getline( cin, full_name );
    Once you've done that, the character you'll be looking for is a ' ' (a space character). you won't find '\n' (the new-line character) anywhere, because getline will filter that out for you.

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    hi that makes sense, so can i use the fucntions substr to find the two ' ' char front the beggining of the string to the end???

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    You can use find to find the spaces, and substr to separate the words. You can also use a stringstream, which works like cin. The difference would be that with a stringstream you can easily determine if the user typed in less than three names.

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