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    Casting problem

    I have a problem with casting.

    I have a class Complex, where a Complex object is a complex number. The real and complex parts are floats. I sum several complex numbers, and I know that this sum is always an integer. I want to convert it to a long. The problem is that even though the sum is 11 , when I cast it to a long the result it 10. Why?

    class Complex{
    	float r, c; //r is the real part, c the complex; r + ci
                r = 0;
                c = 0;
    	Complex(float real, float comp){
    	r = real;
    	c = comp;
    	float getReal(){
    		return r;
    	float getComp(){
    		return c;
            //additional irrelevant functions
    long findKm(){
          Comlex sum = //sum of several complex numbers that sums to a real number, which is an integer
          long Km = static_cast<long>(sum.getReal())
          return Km
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    Because casting to an integer is truncation, not nearest.

    So your calculation might be 11 on paper, but computationally, it's 10.999999999999
    Casting it will make it 10, not 11.
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