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    external unresolved symbol


    Can someone explain what does this error means?

    Webcam error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol "protected: long __thiscall CCaptureVideo::OnGraphNotify(unsigned int,long)" (?OnGraphNotify@CCaptureVideo@@IAEJIJ@Z)

    Thanks a lot in advance!

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    It usually means you haven't linked to whatever library or object that contains the function mentioned in the error. It may alternatively be that you've not provided a definition for the function in question. Read your compiler documentation on how to properly link the required library; checking out the error code should also provide useful information, too.
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    Is CCaptureVideo your code or library code?

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    a code i am learning. It is not a library.


    i should elaborate more.

    so i have a header file:

    class CCaptureVideo : public CWnd
         protected: afx_msg HRESULT OnGraphNotify(WPARAM wp, LPARAM lp);
    Then in my .cpp file:

    i have the constructer, the destroyer then have:

    BEGIN_MESSAGE_MAP(CCaptureVideo, CWnd)
         ON_MESSAGE(WM_GRAPHNOTIFY, OnGraphNotify)
    so when i compile, the error mentioned in my first post occurs. if i comment the ON_MESSAGE line.. the compilation runs fine. This should help you guys explain to me more..
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    You should provide a body for the function OnGraphNotify
    that will be called on when the message WM_GRAPHNOTIFY occurs
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    ahh yes you are right. i did not have my function implementation codes. I just saw an example the moment you posted.

    Thanks a lot anyway.

    Cheers to all that replied.

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