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    different software versions

    I thought C was portable code but I'm having trouble interchanging between TurboC++4.5 and Microsoft C++6.0. I find it easier to write and link in MSC++ but have to execute programs on system which has only TC++4.5. Is it something I'm doing wrong that means I can't switch between 2 formats or is what I'm trying to do impossible?
    Am I going to have to write in TC?

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    Not all (actually, I think it's actually none) compilers are totally ANSI compliant - each one has little quirks. If you compile it with MSVC, there's no reason you shouldn't be able to use the exexutable on any other window-based system. Where you run into problems is if you write it in MSVC and it compiles fine, and then you try to compile it in Turbo C++. Then, you might have to change some code.

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    C is portable, though many compilers support things that are not part of the C standard. This means that not all compilers have to support those things. If you really want to write portable code, you should write ANSI C code and avoid compiler dependend things.

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