Thread: Converting to std::basic_istream<TCHAR>

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    Converting to std::basic_istream<TCHAR>

    I need to call a function with the following prototype:

    XmlDocument( std::basic_istream< TCHAR > & stream )

    I'm trying to open a file and pass the stream in, but I can't figure out how to convert an istream into a basic_istream.

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    What kind of stream is it? ifstream? An ifstream is a basic_istream<char> and should work if UNICODE is not defined for your project. A wifstream is a basic_istream<wchar_t> and should work if UNICODE is defined for your project. I don't know if this exists but a tifstream would be either an ifstream or a wifstream depending on whether UNICODE was defined or not, and therefore a tifstream would always work.

    If UNICODE is defined, but you have an ifstream and you cannot change it to use a wifstream or tifstream, then you will have to do some extra work.

    If tifstream doesn't exist maybe you could define it yourself. Examples should be readily available.

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    As you can see from here, istream is defined as
    typedef basic_istream<char, char_traits<char> >
    Also, from here you can see that the default second template argument is char_traits<charT>:
    namespace std {
      template<class charT, class traits = char_traits<charT> >
      class basic_istream;
    So you need to convert an istream (a.k.a. basic_istream<char, char_traits<char> >) to a basic_istream<TCHAR> (a.k.a. basic_istream<TCHAR, char_traits<TCHAR> >). If you assume that char and TCHAR are the same thing, you can just use a cast -- but that's probably a bad thing to assume. [edit] See Daved's post above. [/edit]

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    You can't use a cast. It either works automatically or it doesn't because UNICODE is defined and the character types are different.

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