Thread: Someone having same problem with Code Block?

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    Someone having same problem with Code Block?

    When I compile and run with IDE Code Block, I could run it without exiting automatically. When I run it in bin, release, .exe, I could run the .exe but I really can't see the file. It exit without me having to press Enter. When I compile this code in Dev, I could run the .exe without having any problem. If this problem persist, I'll change to Dev-C++. By the way, I'm using MingGW compiler. Is the problem lies with MingGW compiler? If anyone have the same problem as me, can you post here? Can anyone help us to solve this problem? Thanks in advance!

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    This sounds like you are having the common problem of the window not staying open when the program ends. Check the FAQ for several solutions. My favorite is adding cin.get() (and possibly cin.ignore()) to the end of your program before it returns.

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