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    returning pointers


    I've spent a long time on the web & reading books trying to find out how to do this for myself.
    No luck, there's a lot of stuff refering to using pointer to a function but very little on returning a pointer and it doesn't appear to do what I want it to
    So I'm hopping someone knows how to return a pointer

    I want to call a procedure and for that procedure to return a pointer.
    The procedure builds a linked list of a struct

    struct1 read()
    	// init stuff
    	struct1 *start_pointer;
    	loop till end
    	get data
    	create new record for list
    	insert into list
    	if this is the first recored, set a pointer to the start of the list
    	return start_pointer
    	//init stuff
    	struct1 *ptr;
    	ptr = read();  //I want ptr to point to the start of the linked list created in read
    	// other stuff

    It looks like I'm passing pointers to pointers, but I get an error -
    <cannot convert from 'struct netData *' to 'const struct netData'>

    Prefixing the return parameter with a * gives error on the calling line
    <binary '=' : no operator defined which takes a right-hand operand of type 'struct netData'>

    while prefixing with & gives -
    <cannot convert from 'struct netData ** ' to 'const struct netData'>

    I also get errors prefixing both ptr and the calling read
    - yes I am clutching at straws.

    I have tried using this, but also get errors here

    Gratefull for any help given

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    int *read(void);
    int *read(void)
    	int *a = new int;
    	*a = 0;
    	return a;
    int main()
    	int *x = read();
    	delete x;
    	return 0;
    Works fine for me.

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    For a start you are missing a semicolon:
    return start_pointer
    A simple function to return a pionter would be something like:
    struct1 *GetPointer()          
        return pointer; 

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    struct1 *read()
    If you dance barefoot on the broken glass of undefined behaviour, you've got to expect the occasional cut.
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    Quote Originally Posted by spudval View Post
    So I'm hopping someone knows how to return a pointer
    your function is a source function. that means it allocates memory and returns a handle to it to some sink function. returning a pointer possibly results in a memory leak. in projects more complex than a few lines of code the caller will forget to call delete some day. c++ has auto_ptr for source and sink functions.

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