Thread: write in a binary file

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    write in a binary file

    hi guys
    now the thing is simple
    i want to write binary data to a binary file

    for example
    i wanna get a string length strlen(str)
    then convert this length to binary e.g. 2 == 00000010

    then write this length to a file as 1 byte "00000010 is one byte "
    so i think we will use binary file

    the problem is that i don't know how to get the length in binary and how to write this to a file in one byte length

    any idea ???

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    1. to write binary file - open file as binary
    2. length is longer than 1 byte (4 bytes I suppose) so writing it using bynary write will write (depending on the size of size_t type) 4 bytes to your file...
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