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    Hello, me agian

    I was wondering if you can have a variable, address it to two dif pointers, and have a dif number. like for example:

    int main()
    int x;
    //address x to two pointers
    //put this value into the x thats in one pointer
    //put this calue into the x thats in the other pointer
    return 0;

    Does that seem possible?
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    a pointer is just a variable that contains a memory address... it can only point to/contain one address at a time. you can have 2 pointers pointing to the one item, but there's still only one item!

    int x = 10;
    int* px1 = &x;
    int* px2 = &x;

    *px1 will always be the same as *px2....

    you can write to x using both px1 and px2, but they are both being written to x, and therefore it's only ONE item that's being changed.

    you can do this:

    int x, y;

    int* p = &x;
    cin >> *p;
    p = &y;
    cin >> *p;

    and this changes 2 different things with the one pointer.

    i hope this helps, it was quite a hard question to answer because the question didn't really make any sense!!

    good luck
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