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    Heavy modelling problems

    Hi all,

    I need help in the following issue. I, alone, must model a new server software for the company I work. The old system was C, now, it will be C++. My modelling experience is not much. The server, however, requires everything a multi-threaded application needs: critical region protection, synchronization, fault tolerance, be able to handle countless requests simultaneously, and so on... To start, I am studying common design patterns, in the site:

    I am also considering using ACE:

    I will be using some simple UML diagrams (class, sequence, use case), this is not a problem, just to explain the level of modelling I am doing.

    What I need is some articles, tutorials, references in this subject to improve my skills. Please, not books. I know they have the best knowledge, but my time is a little short. Thanks for all your help. Any details I will be happy to explain.

    Edit: I forgot to tell that my problems range from generic communication (client and server can change any kind of data) to pool of resources and resource management. Thanks
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