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    I think this is the right place to post and not in the windows programming forum, since my question is more about the syntax..

    Well I'm using GetModuleFileName to get the complete path to the file. As a result I get this: C:\project\program.exe

    Is there a way to isolate the "program.exe"? All I'm trying to do is get the process name so I can get his PID, I know how to do it if I know the name, but if someone renames it I can't. Thats why I'm trying to isolate the program.exe so I can always know the name.

    Thanks <3

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    Have you searched the forum? It was just discussed recently (if not yesterday)
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    using <string>, maybe try a function like 'rfind' or 'find_last_of' functions to find the position of the last occurrence of '\' or '/' (since windows lets you use either). anything after that position is the program name. if neither slash is found the file may be in the current directory (simply "program.exe") in which case use the entire string.

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