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    abnormal program termination

    Can someone look at my code and give me any idea why I'm getting abnormal program termination after the output is on the screen? It's just a simple program to open a file and then compare some letters for output. Thanx in advance.

    #include <fstream> // For file i/o
    #include <iomanip> // For cout manipulation
    #include <iostream> // For cout
    #include <stdlib.h> // For exit
    #include <string> // For elements of type char
    #include <stdio.h>

    using namespace std;

    int main ()
    ifstream Code_Detail;
    ofstream Code_Out;
    string line;
    string Prefix, DocAreaCode2, Description; // Strings for Code_Detail ("Code_Detail.txt");
    if ( ())
    cout << "Cannot Open File: " << endl;
    return EXIT_FAILURE;
    } ("Code_Out.txt");
    if ( ())
    cout << "Cannot Create File: " << endl;
    return EXIT_FAILURE;

    while (Code_Detail.good ())
    getline(Code_Detail, line);

    if ((Prefix == "AA") && (Description == "MC"))
    cout << Prefix << DocAreaCode2 << Description << endl;
    Code_Out << Prefix << DocAreaCode2 << Description << endl;



    Code_Detail.close ();
    Code_Out.close ();

    return EXIT_SUCCESS;

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    first of all if you #include the "fstream" then you don't need the "iostream" b/c "fstream" has "iostream" included within itself...
    second of all you don't need to explicitly close the files b/c your next step IN THIS PROGRAM is termination and files are closed implicitly...

    when i compiled your code...everything was relatively O.K. as long as those files existed...if for example the one or reading did not exist then the program generated Exit_Failure as you designated.... HINT: it might help in the future if you would terminate the programs execution so drasticly...maybe you could just put a "cout" statment without exiting the program....

    Hint: in "stdlib.h" ..... system("pause"); ............. pauses the programs execution and asks the user to press any key on the keyboard.............. that might help you in debugging....

    hope this helped...


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    Thanks, I ended up moving my getline before and after the loop. It works good now.

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