Thread: Problems Comparing Char's

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    Problems Comparing Char's

    Hello All,

    To start with i think tell you that i started learning c++ about 2 years ago and abanded it but i found that it is the only true programing language that is really any good, so basically i'm back to being a complete beginner.

    my problem is with a program which I'm creating I'm trying to make sort of virtual command line for the program here is the code:

    int main()
    char command[256];
    int cmdloop;
    cmdloop = 0;
            while (cmdloop == 0) {
            cout<< "#";
            cin>> command;
            if (strncmp(command,"help",4)){
                cout<< "@ Invaild Command\n";
    	return 0;
    as i'm sure you can see i'm trying to compare the char's being using the srtncmp function when i run the program and type the ommand nothing happens sept it says that the command is invaild.

    can anyone help me please?

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    strncmp() returns 0 when the strings match.
    So you need
    if ( strncmp(command,"help",4) == 0 )

    But look into using std::string to store strings, not char arrays.
    They're a lot safer, and have many more features.
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    Thank you extreemly much for your help, i had been trying to figure that out for hours.

    your a life saver!

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