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    Command line programs focussing on standard C++ would be my suggestion.

    The command line minimises the amount of extra 'fluff' you have to deal with, which gets in the way of learning the language.

    It's perfectly reasonable to learn and test all the important C++ techniques from within the overall simplicity of a command line program.

    When you know the language, then you can start to use whatever graphical APIs take your fancy.
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    you should probably learn c, c++ or if you want to join microsoft c#

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    i dont want c# i want c++ c++ is more powerfull then c# i just want to program in c++. I have the book c++ grand cru thats a c++ book about console programming so you dont learn to make a window. Salem so you started first with console apps yourself and then you went win32 ? I'm reading these tutorials now and i do understand them but not all of it but i understand the most of it. I think i just need to practice allot. But in the beginning i always ask to many questions so get used to it

    ps salem can i have you email or something its nice to know someone who can help
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