Thread: Cwebbrowser2 , cannot find the internet path

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    Cwebbrowser2 , cannot find the internet path

    Cwebbrowser2 , cannot find the internet path

    when i use this

    m_webbrowser.Navigate("", NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL);
    the program gave me the following error as shown in the picture
    the upper message box is the first to come. followed by the lower messagebox
    link to picture :

    it was working perfectly fine on my computer with compiler. When i brought it to another computer, this happened!

    i tried redoing a new testing project and creating the webbrowser in the same manner and it was good

    some information:
    - using MFC
    - created webbrowser2 by going to dialog editor, right click and select "insert activeX"
    - disabled firewall on both computer
    - both computers definitely have internet connection with IE 7
    - m_webbrowser.Navigate runs in a worker thread
    - the target website is definitely up. i checked with my firefox and IE browser
    - no delay, noticed. which means webbrowser2 did not neven attempt to contact the site

    can anyone please help?
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    i have narrowed the problem down to the navigate member function being run in a worker thread. however i cannot find the root cause to the problem

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