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    Not posting your error messages was one thing.
    Not including the whole path in "" was another.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Desolation
    Edit: You might also want to know that if someone were to replace the console executable (cmd.exe on Windows) with a
    malicious program, calling system() would trigger that malicious program.
    Thus, system() isn't safe.
    Then Windows Would not work Properly

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    > Then Windows Would not work Properly
    But if it's done subtly, you wouldn't know that. And even if you did, once the executable is triggered, the damage might be done before you have a chance to do anything about it.

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    I didnt Understand What you told.

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    Say cmd.exe was replaced with a program which formatted your hard drive. Sure, Windows wouldn't work properly. But if you ran cmd.exe, the damage would be done anyway.

    But you wouldn't have to have cmd.exe replaced. If the program you were running was replaced or infected or something, like sample.exe, Windows might work just fine until you ran this program.

    If you supply the complete path to a program, there's a slightly reduced security risk, but not by much, especially on Windows systems. Executing an external program always has some risks.

    [edit] Also, There's No Need To Do This. [/edit]

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    But I dont understand where is the Risk of the Programmer if something bad went on it will affect that users (who was trying to crack that) PC not the Programmers one. As it was w orking fine when it was just factory made. The User is trying to so something Bad So teh User is reliable for that. Where is the Headeche of teh Programmer here ??

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    Where is the Headeche of teh Programmer here ??
    How many users will want to buy your program after they know that the program puts their computers under some risks?
    How long will you stay at your job after the marketing will fail to sell the product?
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