Thread: Stripping <items in here> from a text file

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    Stripping <items in here> from a text file

    Stripping <items in here> from a text file

    what i wan to do is get rid of items in <items in here>
    for example, for the string "dsafgsgwrgh<itema>grsgwrhhwr<itemb>fsdf"

    i want to get rid of "itema" and "itemb"
    here is my code
    - open file
    - copy file to a CString
    - look for <
    - look for >

     	CString file_string;
    	CString file_string_temp;
    	int start_index;
    	int end_index;
    	start_index = file_string.Find("<");
    	end_index = file_string.Find(">");
    	file_string_temp = file_string.Left(start_index);
    	int aaa = file_string.GetLength();
    	int b=5;
    but unfortunately it doesnt work
    is the file too big? the file is about 2,000,000,000 in f.GetLength
    file_string.Left(start_index); copies the entire file_string instead of only copying left strings

    can somebody tell me what's wrong?

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    Unless GetLength isn't what I think it is, your file is 2 GB, so yes, it's probably too big. Try reading the file in chunks and processing them. You'll just have to be careful about an "<Item>" split across two chunks. Also, do a check to see what "start_index" and "end_index" are printing out.

    You might want to loop from start_index to end_index and copy it into another string, instead of doing the "left" thing, because copying a large portion of an already gigantic string will be a slow operation.
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    Why do you even need to store any of the file?

    Read in a character
    Examine the character and the current state of your state machine
    Then decide how to update the state machine, and whether to write out a character.
    Rinse and repeat until the end of the file.
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