Thread: Weird STL vector push_back problrms

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    Weird STL vector push_back problrms

    Hey everybody,
    I have a situation where I have class, one of the elements of the class is a boolean. I also have a vector of that class type. Here is what i do:

    vector<myclass> myv;

    myclass m1 (initialize the class with the variable set to true)
    myclass m2 (initialize the class)

    cout << myv[0] << endl;

    this prints correctly, and the boolean within a class is set to true.

    Now, I add another element:

    cout << myv[0];

    Now the printed value shows that the variable is false. Any ideas why this could be? Thank you all.

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    Do you have a proper copy constructor and copy assignment operator for myclass? Is that code in a function and you are passing the vector by value instead of reference?

    You should be able to make a small project with just the class and a simple main() with that code. Does the problem still happen in such a small project? If not, then the problem is likely somewhere else in your code. If it does happen, then you can post that small bit of code for us to see.

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    I'm afraid you're gonna have to supply a bit more detail than that. Can you reproduce the problem in a small compileable example?
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    Thank you guys. My problem was the copy constructor. I was copying everything except the value of that one variable. So when vector moves things around internally this variable does not get copied properly..I knew that, and was overlooking it.

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