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    I'm trying to count how many times a number appears in an array. Basically you have something like this:

    int array[3][3] ={	{'23', '31', '2349'},
    						{'7567', '1', '84'},
    						{'355', '75', '12 '}};
    int three = 0;
    int five = 0;
    Now I need to count how many times a number appears in that array. I.e. 355 would make three = 1 and five = 2. So I need to break down these numbers into chars or something where I can count each one. Can anyone tell me how to do this?

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    You could read the FAQ on Convert an int to a string (C++).

    I note that single quotes are used to delimit chars, so you should probably drop them from your example code.
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    Edit: I think I misread the problem. The values are already ints, you want to convert to string to make it easier. That makes more sense than what I was originally thinking you were trying to do (the quotes threw me off).

    An alternate solution to converting to a string would be to use division and modulus with multiples of 10 to find the separate digits of each number.
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    If I was doing this, I'll just loop in the array...
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    when you mod a decimal number by 10 you get the digit in the 0's place.
    when you divide it you truncate the number, given you divide it into an int and not a float.

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