Thread: Ptr-to-member as callback in a c-function

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    Ptr-to-member as callback in a c-function


    I'm using a c-library in my c++ project.
    Therefore I've to call this c-function:
    int rm_init(int id, char* ip, unsigned short port, int timeout,
    the signatures of the callback function is:
    void callback_fnc(int, int, int, char*)
    I want to use a class member as the callback-function and the call
    shall be done in the ctor of the same class:

    struct C
        void cb(int id, int cmd, int len, char* data);
    how would I call rm_init() from C() and give the member funtions
    (C::cb()) instead a c-funtion to it?
    I guess I need some bind or mem_fun magic, but Im not shure about ist.

    Thank you in advance!

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    the callback function should be declared as static, otherwise it has a hidden parameter this so its signature is different from the required...

    And because it is static - it has no pointer to the object - you should provide it if needed in some they, using the data pointer for example
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