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    Exclamation BoralndBuilder vs. Visual C++

    Hey guys!
    Im in a troubling dilema...
    I've started to learn C++ and im learning it REALY FAST/
    I started lastnight on and have finished most of the tutorials.
    Im real seriuos about programing C++ so I went out looking for a realy good compiler.
    I went to hastings to look at thier software. I saw AN AMAZING PROCE on 2 compilers
    there was:
    Borland C++ builder 5 for $55
    Microsoft Visual C++ for $55
    (They were booth acedemic editions)
    I want to program games, and make them apps for WINDOWS, not dos. Does that mean i should get Visual C++?
    I guesse I'm kinda leaning twad Visual C++ because its made by microsoft AND because it looks like its more gearded to do windows apps.
    Is this a good desiciosn?

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    Visual C++ is a really fast and powerful compiler. It's only downside that I can see is it's cost, so if you don't mind paying the $, go for visual.

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    Yeah Visual C++ any day (although 'because it's made by Microsoft' is NEVER a good reason to buy anything . VC++ has a better resource editor, easier to manage project workspaces, its much more widelye used (more tutorials available) and it has MFC (actually Borland might have MFC, but if it does I'm sure VC's will be better).

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    Visual C++

    I would definently go for visual c++. You can have no fear of lack of support would this compiler. Not now and not in the future.

    Also, when you get more mastered in c++, you will find that most books that address themselves as tutorials toward a certain topic assume you have visual c++.

    Not to mention visual c++ has gone through many revisions.

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    Why not..

    Why not borland c++ 5? it is as powerful as visual c++, and it can create GUI very easily. tell me some disadvantages of BC++, cause I want to choose too.

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