Thread: Uploading/checking/downloading thing

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    Uploading/checking/downloading thing

    Hello guys, i wanted to ask if anyone knows how to make program like this (im new at c++ so i dunno how )
    What it would need to do:

    1. Keep checking folder(s) and their files for changes (everything in certain directory like /my documents)
    2. Upload files to ftp server if they got changed and overwrite ( server might have max 3-5 connections so there could be multiple servers running and i would manage users so you can start program, select server and enter login+password and browse for that folder)
    3. Keep checking server files to see if something changed.
    4. Download files if they got changed and overwrite old ones
    5. And just keep doing it over and over again, but check only once in 10-5 minutes.

    thnx if you can give me sugestions or maybe even give me source code for it

    THANKS !!!

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    If your new to C++ don't expect to get it anytime soon.
    This would require complex windows communication and much more than someone new to C++ would know. I've been programming for a few years and it would be a difficult task for me. Here's the best I can do, this is a site that teaches great windows controls commands and etc. Including file-watching.
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