Thread: template class does not like list iterator

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    template class does not like list iterator

    Here's a simple example that shows the error:
    #include <list>
    using namespace std;
    template <class T>
    class fastlist {
      list<T>::iterator begin();
      list<T> elements;
    And I get this error:
    fastlist.h:6: error: expected `;' before "begin"
    It compiles fine when the member function is list<int>::iterator begin(), but I want begin() to return a list iterator for a list of class T.

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    typename list<T>::iterator::begin()
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChaosEngine View Post
    typename list<T>::iterator::begin()
    typename list<T>::iterator begin();
    Because he was declaring a function (no :: before begin). But yes, typename did it. Damned semantic ambiguities.
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    The general rule is if you are trying to specify a fully qualified type name, AND the type name contains a template parameter (either implicitly or explicitly), AND the typename contains a scoping "::" operator, you need to put "typename" in front of the type.

    You even have to do it in contexts where the fully qualified name could not be anything BUT a type, which is irritating (e.g. in the return type of a function, like in this case).

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