Thread: linker error undefined reference to

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    Question linker error undefined reference to

    I am getting errors saying linker error undefined reference to (function name)
    what does this mean? How can I correct it?

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    it means you didn't write out what that function did, or you didn't link in the correct library.

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    It means one of these (typically)
    - you need to write the function.
    - you need to check the spelling - C++ is case sensitive, so 'foo' is different from 'Foo'.
    - you need to check the parameters - declaring foo(int a) and defining foo(double a) are different functions.
    - you forgot to specify the name of a library.
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    It could also mean that you forgot to include in the project the file that has the function definition.
    Or if the function is a member function of a class, perhaps you forgot the ClassName:: in the definition.

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