Thread: Using external ASM function in C++

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    Using external ASM function in C++

    I want to know the advantages of using external ASM functions, in a C++ program. If anyone has an example of how this is done would be nice. Also, in what situations and how often should this be used? Do I still get the same flexibility with ASM functions as I do with C++ function in my program? Thanks!
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    pros: speed, closer hardware interaction
    cons: not portable outside the architecture. Not as easy to interact with the rest of the C/C++ program.
    uses: optimization, device driver programming, OS programming
    extern "asm"
        mov ax, bx

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    extern "C" void Foo(int iParams)
    Parameters begin at ebp+8. Don't forget this:

    push ebp
    mov ebp,esp
    pop ebp
    Or your code will crash.

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