Thread: double -> LPCSTR (if its possible)

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    double -> LPCSTR (if its possible)

    My Aim is to convert a double type to a LPCSTR and afterwards set it as an item text of an edit box... (in Dialog box not a window)

    I ve got these two lines but apparantly its complete rubbish... Isnt it?
    TCHAR chValue[128];
    double m_iTotal;
    wsprintf(chValue, "%s", m_iTotal);
    SetDlgItemText(hDlg, IDC_EDIT, chValue);
    Do you have any idea how is the conversion possible?

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    LPCSTR is not a wide character string. TCHAR might be, it might not, depending on whether UNICODE is defined. wsprintf works only on wide character strings.

    So which do you want?

    If you want to use sprintf, I don't think that %s is the proper format specifier for double. Perhaps %f will work better.

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    The format specifer is indeed wrong. Why are you printing a double as a string? Change it to either %f or %lf (check whatever wsprintf() accepts for doubles). You might want to also try to make sure you don't overrun your buffer.

    BTW, LPCSTR is just a pointer to a constant string. In C terms, this is a const char *.

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    Instead of using C functions, I would prefer using C++ features...
    std::wstringstream ss;
    ss << m_iTotal;
    SetDlgItemText(hDlg, IDC_EDIT, ss.str().c_str());

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