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    Question stringstreams problem

    I'm looking to take an IP address (in the form aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd), which I've stored as a string (m_Address), and convert the octets into four integers (m_A, m_B, m_C, m_D). I parsed the string m_Address into four strings, each containing one of the octets (a_string, b_string, c_string, d_string) and am trying to use stringstreams to convert them to ints. The first conversion works (a_string to m_A), but the rest do not. Successive calls to istringstream::str() seem to fail. I'd rather not make four istringstream objects if I don't have to.

    Also, is there perhaps an easier way to parse the initial string into the four octets? Thanks to all who help.

    int ConvertStringToInt(string m_Address)
        //N.B. Code modified for posting purposes.
        //Error checking, etc. removed for space and clarity.
        //Returns 0 on success, 1 on error.
        int count = 0;
        string a_string = "";
        string b_string = "";
        string c_string = "";
        string d_string = "";
        int m_A, m_B, m_C, m_D;
        for(int i = 0; i < m_Address.length(); ++i)
                if(count == 0)  //aaa
                    a_string += m_Address[i];
                    if(count == 1)  //bbb
                        b_string += m_Address[i];
                        if(count == 2)  //ccc
                            c_string += m_Address[i];
                            if(count == 3)  //ddd
                                d_string += m_Address[i];
            else    //Not a digit.
                if(m_Address[i] == '.')
        //Convert strings to integers.
        istringstream stream_buffer;
        stream_buffer >> m_A;
        stream_buffer >> m_B;
        stream_buffer >> m_C;
        stream_buffer >> m_D;
        /***What I'd like to avoid doing***/
        //m_A = atoi(a_string.c_str());
        //m_B = atoi(b_string.c_str());
        //m_C = atoi(c_string.c_str());
        //m_D = atoi(d_string.c_str());
        return(0);  //Success!    

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    you have to clear() the string stream each time.

    however there's a much easier way to do this!
    if m_address is "" (for example) you can simply read it directly out of the stringstream as follows
    int oct1, oct2, oct3, oct4;
    char dot;
    string addr = "";
    stringstream str(addr);
    str >> oct1 >> dot >> oct2 >> dot >> oct3 >> dot >> oct4;
    easy as that.
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